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Eva is a social entrepreneur and an international business woman. In the 80's she founded “Project Design” - a company that created and distributed fashion accessories throughout Europe.

Among the companies she founded and led as an active partner, was Bevyz, which developed a product with a single pouring unit for a wide variety of drinks. The company was sold to an American corporation in 2014. Eva was involved in the companies she established in every professional aspect, from R&D and sales as well as team-building.

Beyond her business career, Eva is also a certified personal coach, helping her clients to take a path which leads to personal and professional fulfilment. In this spirit, she came up with the idea of establishing "Comeback" in 2019.

"Comeback provides me with the ability to fulfil my strong desire to enable people to realize their potential. Creating an opportunity for former felons to change their lives is both a challenge and a reward. It is gratifying to be able to offer tools, with which they can rebuild their lives.
I believe that the change these people are making is an example which their families will follow. The ripple effect created by the success of the change in this group of people is indescribable, and I am proud to lead such an initiative."

Eva Schwarz

Founder of Comeback

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