Eva is a businesswoman turned social entrepreneur. In the 1980s, she co-founded Project Design, a company that created and distributed fashion accessories throughout Europe. Another company she co-founded was Bevyz, which developed a machine that implements single-capsule units for a wide range of beverages. Eva has been involved in every professional aspect of the companies, from R&D and sales to team building.
Beyond the business field, Eva is a certified life coach, helping her clients to seek and attain personal and professional fulfillment. In 2019 she came up with the idea of establishing Comeback.
She says, “At Comeback, I can fulfill my desire of enabling people to use their potential. Creating the opportunity for former lawbreakers to change their lives is both a challenge and a reward. It is very gratifying to be able to offer the tools with which to rebuild one’s life. The changes these people make in their lives become a role model for their families. Their success creates a ripple effect that is immeasurable. I am very proud to spearhead such an initiative.”

Comeback creator, founder, chair