A co-founder of Comeback,
Miri is a journalist and presenter on the channel 13 TV channel.

Formerly, she was a reporter and presenter for News 10. She participates in such programs as Morning News with Niv Raskin; People; and Paula and Leon. Miri covered foreign affairs for the news company, edited magazine articles and series for the main edition, and served as a health reporter, as well as disseminating the news to Europe from London. At the same time, she presented programs as part of the channel’s news broadcasts. Miri has a bachelor’s degree from Tel Aviv University and is a graduate of the Headline School of Journalism and Communication.

She says, “My favorite holiday is Hanukka. In that vein, the idea of expelling the darkness also speaks to me, particularly the darkest corners of Israeli society. The biggest challenges, the issues that do not necessarily get public attention, are the most interesting for me. Therefore, I am very glad to be part of Comeback, with its lofty goal of elevating a population that does not generally garner public sympathy or empathy.”