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Miri Michaeli is a journalist and presenter on TV Channel 13.

Michaeli covered foreign affairs for the News Company, edited magazine articles and series for the main edition, served as a health reporter as well as representing the agency in Europe from her place of residence in London. At the same time, she presented programs as part of the news broadcasts on the channel.

Michaeli is a Tel Aviv University graduate with a bachelor's degree in political science, and a graduate of the "Koteret" School of Journalism and Communication.
Michaeli is married with three children.

Why Comeback?
“My favourite holiday is Hanukkah. Not only for the donuts (which I’m crazy about!), but mainly because the idea of “banishing the darkness” speaks to me, and specifically from the darkest corners of Israeli society.
“The biggest challenges, the issues that don't necessarily get the public attention - are the most interesting to me, as of course, is "Comeback", with its lofty goal, of uplifting a population that is not that popular and that doesn't necessarily enjoy public empathy. A great privilege.”

Miri Michaeli

Journalist and Presenter

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