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At Comeback, our purpose is to empower returning citizens towards a successful integration into society by providing them with the resources they require. Our highly committed coordinators and coaches offer guidance, assisting participants in overcoming challenges and promoting stability through meaningful employment. This not only breaks the cycle of crime but also opens up opportunities for a fulfilling life.

Enhancing Support and Fostering Employment for Former Felons 

Comeback Programs



Many employers are wary of hiring returning citizens, despite their genuine desire to turn their lives around. By altering public perception, we can encourage more employers to embrace and employ individuals who have served time and prove to be diligent and committed employees in their organizations.


the Table

At Comeback, we believe in fostering collaboration among all stakeholders involved in serving returning citizens. Through our "Around the Table" program, we regularly bring together professionals to share ideas and enhance our services.

Different Israeli


All participants in the Comeback programs, as well as the professional staff and volunteers who support them, represent the diverse demographic of Israeli society, including both women and men, Jews and Arabs, and individuals from various social backgrounds. Special accommodations, including support for Arabic speakers, members of the ultra-Orthodox community, and recent immigrants, are provided to meet their specific needs.

Yossi's story

"I was imprisoned twice, not for short periods, for violence, drug and property offenses."

David's Story

"I learned about myself, how much determination, courage and commitment I have and these qualities will accompany me in the future."

Yaron's Story

“At the age of 29, I served two years in prison for drug trafficking. Drugs are easy money, it's a huge temptation. You have to be “Iron Man” to get out of prison and not go back to peddling drugs"

Meir's Story

“I think the program really gave me the opportunity to prove that I'm worth more.”

Join us at Comeback as we strive towards building a healthier
society by empowering individuals with criminal records to overcome challenges and succeed in the job market.

"We see the person, not the crime they committed"

Eva Schwarz, founder and chairperson of Comeback

כ-20,000 איש

משתחררים מהכלא ומשירות מבחן בכל שנה

לפי הסטטיסטיקה, כמחצית מהם ישובו אליו

אדם ששילם את חובו לחברה ולא מצליח להיקלט בקהילה, מייצג בעינינו חיים אבודים. המשפחה שלו משלמת מחיר, החברה שלנו משלמת מחיר.
בקאמבק נותנים לעוברי החוק כלים להשתלבות מחדש. יד ביד, במרחב חם ומאיר פנים, מלווים הרכזים והמאמנים שלנו את המשתתפים אל מחוץ למעגלי הפשיעה; לתעסוקה יציבה ובעלת ערך; לחיים בעלי משמעות.


for Professionals

Advanced Training

for Personal Coaches

The effect of employment on the rehabilitation process

Basic tools for initial diagnosis and beginning the employment process

Dealing with the barriers unique to the target population

A Four-Stage Program:

  1. Professional training - 10 sessions

  2. Engagement with a potential participant

  3. Personal supervision

  4. Group supervision sessions


for former felons

The Four-Stage Program:

  1. Assisting in the settlement of debts and exercise of rights

  2. Employment Sourcing and Integration Assistance

  3. Career Stability Coaching

  4. Professional and Personal Growth

Holistic individual guidance throughout the program

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