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Restart for returning citizen

Stage 3

[ Foundations ]

Career Stability


Stage 2

[ Gateways ]

Employment Sourcing and Integration Assistance

Stage 1

[ Pathways ]

Debt Resolution and

Rights Enforcement

Stage 4

[ Stairways ]

Professional and

Personal Growth

Holistic Restart

Complementary holistic coaching/mentoring throughout the program

Comeback offers a holistic solution that addresses all the physical, financial, emotional and family aspects of the program's participants. The program includes, a focused process designed to remove barriers that arise during the process of occupational coaching, by providing tools for coping with challenges in the future and the strengthening of personal resilience.

[ Professional studies and training ]

In some cases, participants require vocational studies and training in order to integrate into the world of employment. We assist them in finding the right field of study, and place of study. We emphasize that in addition to helping them to enter the world of employment, studies could also strengthen their own sense of competence and give them the experience of success. So that in addition to providing them with a valuable certificate, studying can increase their sense of self-worth.

Individual treatment ]

After their period in jail returning citizen enter the rehabilitation process in a state of intense emotional stress. Integration processes into the world of employment may increase their emotional difficulties and require them to face challenging personality issues. Comeback helps identify these issues and knows how to refer people to the relevant treatments.

[ Family and friends ]

Family and friends are a central supporting circle in the rehabilitation process in general, and in integration into the world of employment in particular. Barriers related to the various family members arise during the meetings with the returning citizens, and Comeback directs and refers to treatment and assistance agencies that specialize in the worlds of content related to interpersonal/couple/family relationships.

[ Economic behaviour ]

Integration into the world of employment requires dealing with money management mechanisms and basic knowledge of proper financial management, such as: provision for pensions and provident funds, payslips, opening a bank account and more. Many released offenders lack the knowledge and may encounter quite a few barriers that may delay and harm their occupational rehabilitation process. Moreover, many of former felons need financial assistance and the basic learning of managing a monthly cash flow balance, in order to keep their heads above water, and to avoid contact with grey or black market operators, that will inevitably harm the rehabilitation process. Comeback also helps in these ways.

Debt Resolution and Rights Enforcement

Stage 1


Former felons are often faced with foreclosed bank accounts, debts, interest on arrears and fines, which prevent them from leaving the cycle of crime.

During the punishment period, they cannot earn a living and thus additional interest accrues on their debts. A foreclosed bank account prevents the released prisoner from integrating into work as the salary will be immediately transferred to the Debt Executor’s Office to cover past debts.

We help to remove barriers that arise from financial debts, provide financial guidance, and get the cooperation of the enforcement authorities in matters like suspending account foreclosures and executing debt settlement plans.

In the first stage, the coach helps the participant understand in which ways it is possible to find a job - using personal connections, self-presentation, using search platforms.

The coaching allows the participant to persevere and face obstacles. For the participant, the coaching is a starting point that creates confidence and the ability to deal with the difficulties that arise.

Employment Sourcing and Integration Assistance

Stage 2


In the second stage, after the participant has found a job, the coach continues to be in contact with him through personal conversations and visits to the workplace.

This stage is important for creating stability and permanence. The coach helps the participant identify breaking points, meet deadlines and employer requirements, and dealing with crises.

Career Stability Coaching

Stage 3


Participants who have achieved employment stability can advance to higher positions that match their ambitions and abilities, thereby also improving their employment conditions.


In "Stairways", Comeback's vocational coaches work with the participants in formulating a plan to achieve their goals, providing knowledge in the field of professional courses and trainings, and providing access to sources of funds for training.


The participants leave the program with a clear road map to continue their professional path. We continue to take an interest and to be updated even when the process itself has ended.


Our door is always open for any question and problem that arises, and we are here to help and support the participant.

Professional and Personal Growth

Stage 4


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