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The participants in Comeback programs receive individual guidance, enabling them to integrate into employment and the community and begin again, with a sense of pride and fulfilment.


The result affects not only the participants, but also their families, and their entire social fabric.


There is a high probability that a returning citizen who does not have stable employment, will return to a life of crime.


The story of Comeback begins with a flash of inspiration. Somewhere in 2017, Eva Schwarz, a successful businesswoman who became a social entrepreneur, and who currently serves as the chairman of Comeback, came across an article dealing with an entrepreneurship program for lawbreakers in the USA. This article caused her great excitement, because it contained a glimmer of hope. A spark, emanating from faith in the ability of the human spirit to bring light even to the darkest places, to the world of lawlessness and crime.

Schwarz recruited partners like, the Jerusalem Municipality and the Prisoner Rehabilitation Authority, studied the professional field, and built guidance and rehabilitation programs based on volunteers.


Matan Halevy, a social activist with a rich resume in the field, was appointed as manager.

Today, tens of workers and volunteers are active in the association, spreading the carpet before former offenders on the way to a normal life: a carpet of self-confidence, giving them training and the ability to dream, as well as giving them access to vital information.

Eva Schwarz

Founder of Comeback

Nathalie Bierenbaum

Chairman of Comeback

Musa Diab

Entrepreneur, manager and social activist

Haggai Reshnik

head of The Rifman Institute

Miri Michaeli

Journalist and Presenter

Nathan Eitan

Organizational Consultant and Group Facilitator

Edouard Sterngold

Founder and CEO of Blix

Board of Directors and Founders

About us

Eva Schwarz

Founder of Comeback

Matan Halevy

Organization Manager

Ofir Dayan

In charge of media and communication

Nurit Hadas

Coaching and Training Manager

Aran Goren

Manager Restart

Nathalie Bierenbaum

Chairman of Comeback

Shani Lieberman

Administration and Events

The Team

The world of crime world offers "easy money,” requiring little time and little investment.

To help those returning to the straight and narrow resist the temptation of returning to crime - we at Comeback draw a new horizon for them.

We build an employment program for them with possibilities of advancement, and guide them to courses and training to aid their progress, and we are there to support them at the critical points and when difficulties arise.

Through the stability of employment, we provide them with access to additional services such as emotional therapy, debt settlement and family counselling after years of being away from home. Employment is the first element of stability.

"Employment is a pillar of support in the modern world. Our role is to provide fishing-rods and not fish"

Matan Halevy, Manager of Comeback

"Many of the people we meet don't know that they can dream. We awaken in them the ability to dream."

Nurit Hadas Coaching and training manager

"I was looking for a way to add goodness to the world, out of faith in the human spirit and its abilities"

Eva Schwarz, founder and chairman of Comeback

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