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Entrepreneur, art lover and husband of Eva Schwarz, the founder of Comeback
Edouard is the founder and CEO of Blix, an innovative system for creating single serving food capsules. Previously he was the founder/CEO of Bevyz, the company that developed a product with a single serving unit for a wide variety of drinks. The company was sold to Green Mountain Keurig in 2014.

Prior to Bevyz, Edouard was the International Director at SodaStream, where he founded and managed the international division. He expanded its revenue phenomenally, in less than seven years, transforming the company from a small local distribution business to a multinational corporation.

Edouard is a graduate of Harvard Business School's OPM43 program. Studied at the Bar-Ilan University law school.

Why Comeback? "I feel it's a privilege to be in a position to help truly motivated people reintegrate into society."

Edouard Sterngold

Founder and CEO of Blix

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