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Abed’s Story

“During the years in prison I married a woman from my village. When I was released I had a child from her, a child who doesn't know me at all. I had no idea how to be a father, how to go out and make a living."

David's Story

"I learned about myself, how much determination, courage and commitment I have and these qualities will accompany me in the future."

Meir's Story

“I think the program really gave me the opportunity to prove that I'm worth more.”

Susie's Story

"I am 34 years old. I immigrated to Israel at a young age."

The Story of Shalom

"I came up with a lot of ideas for things I wanted to do in my life, but I was scattered and disorganized. In a long process at Comeback, I learned to organize all the projects I set for myself.

Yaron's Story

“At the age of 29, I served two years in prison for drug trafficking. Drugs are easy money, it's a huge temptation. You have to be “Iron Man” to get out of prison and not go back to peddling drugs"

Yossi's story

"I was imprisoned twice, not for short periods, for violence, drug and property offenses."

Returning citizens tell their story

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