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Matan has worked in the field of employment promotion for disadvantaged populations for over 13 years. He was one of the founders of the “Sipur Hozer" book project, which established and managed a national employment promotion system for people with disabilities; established a project to provide employment guidance for academics with disabilities.

He has managed Comeback since its inception.

Matan holds a bachelor's degree in political science and philosophy from Ben-Gurion University, a master's degree in law at Bar-Ilan University, and is completing another master's degree this year, in the Schwartz Program - Management of Non-profits and Community Organizations. In addition, he has certificates in the field of occupational advancement from Kiryat Ono College and “Dimol “ School of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Personal story

"In the 10th grade, I and a number of friends set up a soup kitchen at the 'Reut' School in Jerusalem. After two years of volunteering, I noticed that half of the diners were working people.

They all worked at simple jobs, without the need for education or the ability to advance. So the penny dropped and I realized that people should also be given “The stick” and not just the carrot.
'The circles of poverty operate with the same inertia as the circle of crime - despite the strong desire to break the circle, there are barriers that cannot be broken without outside help.

My way of tikkun olam (repairing the world) is to give people the tools to improve their employment status, thus raising their quality of life. Comeback is a unique and innovative platform in the Israeli landscape and I am happy that I can be a part of the change for the population of former felons."

Matan Halevy

Organization Manager

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