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Since the beginning of 2021, Natali has served as a senior project manager at “Hilma, tech for impact”. Hilma is a non-profit company, and seeks to make Israel a global leader in the field of impact innovation, as a response to public and social challenges.

After eight years of working as a lawyer, Nathalie founded a business which specializes in the production of major commercial and private events in Israel for international clients.

Nathalie has a Law Degree and an MBA “360°- Start-up” from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
Nathalie is a mother of 5, a grandmother to a grandson and lives in Jerusalem.

Why Comeback?
Nathalie was part of Comeback from its inception. Throughout her adulthood, Nathalie has volunteered, advised and helped a number of associations, and families in need in various ways. She believes that most criminals have fallen into lives of crime because of sad circumstances in their lives, and want to get out of that cycle, but there is no one there to help them.

Nathalie believes that Comeback provides an answer to the weakest section of the society and succeeds in integrating ex-offenders back into society. The impact of Comeback on anyone who returns to normal society is huge, as it has a positive influence on their family and close friends. Children can once again look at their father or mother with pride, and because of this, the chances are that they, themselves will be motivated to avoid the world of crime.
Nathalie is proud and happy to participate in this unique project and to be a part of it.

Nathalie Bierenbaum

Chairman of Comeback

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